heart and head

This photo popped up in my memories section on Facebook the other day. I didn’t expect a picture to trigger me, but it did. In it I see a photo of a girl who had just surfed off the cost of South Africa. Cool stuff. But I also see a girl who less than 6 weeks later would have her grandfather die and then 2 weeks later, one of her best friends die. The picture made me cry. It’s a happy picture. It was a great memory. I got home from that trip and went to Phoenix. Applied to some jobs out West, got offered some jobs out West. Went to Florida for my last job with the company I was with, and then it all changed. I didn’t end up going out West for work. Instead, I attended two funerals and spent the first few months of this year numb and heartbroken.

It hasn’t been a terrible year overall. I got a few international trips in, despite a bad concussion that knocked out (pun intended) a few months of a personal travel ban.

Anyway, all of this to say, I’m still on the mend. My heart and head (post concussion) are healing.

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