My two right feet

I lost a flip-flop yesterday. I wish I could say I wasn’t being an idiot and that it JUST BROKE doing nothing. That my flip-flop that I (found in a parking lot after a race) just was not able to keep up with my lifestyle….which, I suppose is true, but then again, I was being an idiot and climbing an old coral reef cliff…. in flip-flops. And yes, I’m wearing someone’s toss-away flip flops. I have been for years. I loved these things and I also destroyed them.

So, I finished climbing when a few of my handholds slipped away and I realized that I shouldn’t go any higher on the rock that would love some sacrificial human flesh.

So I climbed on down, as more pieces broke away under me, and went up 1 stair (the normal way to get to the top of the structure) and my beloved flip-flop said “nope” and broke. So I lost my flip-flop, rather unceremoniously. Of course, then I went half-barefoot on some old dried-out coral (that is not recommended), I also discovered that I had cut my hand on the coral from climbing (oops). But the evening wasn’t over. I wasn’t close to the room to retrieve my sneakers, nor was I in an area with a market with any shops open that I could easily buy a new pair. So I didn’t. I traveled on, with 1 shoe, and I scoped out every parking lot hoping to find a pair of abandoned flip-flops…. and lo and behold… there it was. I found a pair. They looked intact (albeit, from a distance), they looked perfect. Got closer, one was broken… if it was the right one, no big deal, I needed a left shoe… It was the left. So I was left with a decision.

I now have two right feet. And I kinda dig it.

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