Where to go, when to go, why to go.

I found a flight last night for $108 RT to Texas. Yep. In April.

I’m not going there. But it sparked me to search for flights because, I need a new adventure.

January was a really hard month for me. I had a new job lined up. Training started the second week. It was going to be tough and brutal, boot-camp-like. My grandfather very suddenly passed away right before I was supposed to leave for that. With funeral arrangements up in the air, I decided to wait. But waiting meant, I couldn’t travel to Virgin Islands to volunteer following my job training. I had to hold off on that, which would then also roll into my travel to Puerto Rico, also to volunteer. Some of the flights I had booked were flexible with me. I didn’t lose that much having to cancel and post-pone flights. Then when I had just rebooked my flight, the sudden, shocking death of a very close friend, stalled my plans again. I couldn’t seem to go anywhere in January. The month ended with the birth of a new niece.

February, I had a flight in the beginning of the month, that I finally was able to take. Going away, felt so good, but I felt so out of touch and numb the whole time. Tomorrow, I go away again, Barbados. I need to surf.

Last year, when I was having a very hard time, I went on a whim to Costa Rica for surfing. It saved me. It made me remember to just let go and trust my feet, because that’s all surfing is, it’s trusting your feet. And yea, I fall, a lot, but letting go and just being free on the board is the best feeling on the planet, for me at least.

So, I need a new adventure. I’ll come back from Barbados, revived and probably with another broken nose, and then what?

$320 RT from NYC to Paris in April. $380 RT if I go to Paris and come back from Barcelona. $655 RT to Manila. $455 RT to Bangkok in the Fall.

I do almost all of my airfare finds using Google flights. I put in my home airport and just see where it takes me. I don’t need to check a bag, normally. Flying should be freeing. You go somewhere, faster than you could driving or sailing. Traveling isn’t fun when you have bags galore that are JUST under the 50 pound max. If you are traveling with that much stuff, you are probably doing it wrong.

So, when to travel? Now. Next month. Whenever you want. Use Google flights’ calendar. Pick a destination and just look at the price trends for the next few months. Track the price. It will also tell you when and if the price is going to most likely increase in a few days. Pretty cool and SUPER convenient.

As to why? Well, surfing is a good reason.

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