Life gets crazy sometimes

I’m at the farm. My brother is shaving fat off a recently butchered pig on the table in front of me. I just had a cigar, some beer, and submitted my expense reports for my last work trip …. and I’m thinking about what happened exactly a year ago. Which is not what I’m going to write about.

This summer has been probably the most insane, fast-paced, bizarre, can-I-cry-yet summers I’ve ever had. I want it to be over, but I want it to go again, but slower. I love summer, I love baking outside and working and sweating. I have been doing so much that I haven’t even gone to one of my jobs, even though, I had every intention of going back after I came back from Peru, but I don’t know where I can make anymore time in my day. I just came home from a work trip in California, and I don’t even remember anything except for the event on Saturday… the set-up is a blur. I know it happened, I was there on Saturday when it all went down, but how we got there, I have no idea. I also had allergies in LA, which is new for me. I don’t normally get allergies, but my eyes were crying the entire time and my nose was runny … I was so out of sorts, up until this morning actually.

I finally booked my one-way from Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls to South Africa’s Cape Town. I booked from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls MONTHS ago…. that ticket was “cheap” (approximately $150) in comparison to the Victoria Falls to Cape Town one, and even to fly back to Johannesburg, I was looking at approximately $200-$250, so I decided to take a gamble and wait … turns out, I lost that bet. Prices went from $209 to $350, now, this is back in April for a trip in November, so I was trying to be patient, and hopefully, the price would go back down in the $200-250 range. It didn’t. Not even a little. Nope, the price went to $450 a few weeks ago. So I started getting creative with searching for flights to take me back to South Africa, because I REALLY want to surf in Cape Town. So I looked at flying out of Zambia, Zimbabwe, buses, walking … finding an elephant and seeing if I could convince it to take me. Pretty much, if I wanted to go to Cape Town … and arrive in time to surf at least one time, I was going to have to pay about $400, for some pretty crazy connections and 25 hours of flying. Then, 2 days ago, while working, I got a text alert that the fare had dropped, to just under $400. So, I booked it. Non-stop. It was worth it. I actually looked at flights that took me from the Falls to Johannesburg, and getting on a plane from there to Cape Town, and while the flights to Cape Town from Johannesburg were only $78, throughout the entire day, I couldn’t find any direct flights to Johannesburg. Suddenly I had to fly to Harare, then Bulawayo, THEN to Johannesburg, and only have a 30 minute connection for one of them, only to get to Johannesburg and need to go through customs, to catch a flight to Cape Town… you understand why I’m stressed, and why I paid almost 2.5 times more for that non-stop to Cape Town.

So, my advice is to book if you see the price for the day you need, at $200, that’s the lowest it will be.

Oh yea, and slow down, even mid-stride trying to clear out a baseball stadium to watch the sunset. 

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