Experiences on the plane

So today, I had a few firsts on an airplane.

First flight attendant’s belly button piercing in my face. It was RIGHT there at eye level.

First time I’ve heard, “The plane is refueling, smoking is permitted, please sit with your seatbelts unfastened.” I’m pretty certain that the smoking bit was a translation error, but they kept repeating it. Also, what good will my seat belt being unfastened do if the plane is about to explode? I’m certain, I can’t outrun anyone from the 3rd to last row on the airplane. So I sat, with my seat belt, fastened. And when everyone was given the green light to fasten them, I pretended I had obeyed the first time.

First time, not sure if we were descending and ascending at the same time. I’m pretty sure the pilot knew what he was doing, since we landed in 1 piece, but there were some pretty steep decent and ascents… Dodging the Andes,  maybe?

And finally, first time being handed a customs and immigration form, twice, and not needing to turn it in.

Tomorrow morning, we head to Cusco. Then the fun begins.

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