Here goes…

It’s here. I have no idea how… But it’s here. The trip that started out as a pipe dream… Well, the HOW I’m getting to Peru via motorbikes and hitchhiking is still just a vision, but I’m pretty ok with flying there, too. I have people excited about this trip even though they aren’t coming.

Last year, during the winter, one of my best friends took me “north” for what ended up being a 2 week adventure… Going “north”. I had a hard time packing for that because I detest winter. The end result… Pretty awesome.

The Trip North’s bag

This time, I’m trying for a lighter load. Less hand-warmers… Even though, the temperatures will range from 30s to 90s… I’m trying not to think about the cold.

I had a breakdown packing. It took one of my best friends to calm me down. Trying to remember UV filters AND filtration straws, and shoes… And supposedly, I’ll want socks… Except, I hate socks. So does that mean, I’ll be super upset without socks, or not care because I never use them? I have no idea, but it was stressing me out packing. I’m still fairly certain that I’ll hate socks even if I use them, but I brought a few pairs, just to appease that part of me with doubt … But then I left the only shoes that I would consider wearing with socks because the loop on the back was ripped on one…. So… There goes that. Won’t be wearing any of the socks I brought.

Ok, well, I’m gonna be boarding soon. Be in Colombia in a few hours, then, Lima.

Oh yea, I’m not bringing Tri-Ominos this time.

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