Permethrin spraying

I just sprayed a bottle of permethrin on everything I’m packing.

Permethrin is a washable tick, mosquito, chiggers, and mites repellent. It “supposedly” is odorless…. although, I seem to smell it no matter what, but heck, if it keeps the bugs away, I’ll live with that.

As far as what I’m packing …

4 wool shirts, 3 pants (1 convertible), 1 pair of shorts for when I go surfing, wool socks and underwear (enough for 3 days), my hammock, wool blanket, and 2 pairs of shoes … and that’s it. For just over two weeks. It packs down super small. But I know me, I hate changing outfits until they are actually dirty. I don’t mind wearing the same thing over and over again, so long as I’m comfy, and my bag is light, it works for me.

I hurt my knee and back a few weeks ago, and everything is super sensitive, especially lifting and climbing, so I need my pack to be as light as possible. I might not bring my wool blanket and swap it for a super thin and light one, but I’m not quite settled on abandoning the wool one, yet. I feel confident on how much I’m bringing though. It’s enough to get me through a few days, and then I can hand wash things as needed. The permethrin will last 6 weeks, including washings. Longer if I wash by hand.

Anyway, trip is coming up, and fast. Finally have the plan for the first week, mostly hammered out. The second week, not so much, but, for that, I’m only planning for myself, so as long as I don’t die, get kidnapped, or lose a limb, I’m pretty much okay with anything else that could happen.

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