Immunizations and stuff

Welp. I can’t use my arm for the next day or so.

Yellow fever for Mancora (because it’s in the Amazon basin). Typhoid because it exists. And, THANK GOODNESS, I got my tetanus 2 years ago, or I’d be in trouble.

So apparently, the yellow fever vaccine is in VERY short supply. I showed up to get my immunization today (just 12 days out from needing it) and I was told, that only 2 places in the state give them, because the plant that manufactures them, had problems and won’t be able to get them until 2018, so they are sending them over from France, and because they are only sending a certain number over … you can’t even send them from the offices that receive them to other offices. So, the Doctor told me that her office an hour south had them, but that was it. Great to know, in advance.

So after talking about this trip and Africa (because if I’m going to pay a fee just to get the consultation anyway, I’m gonna get EVERYTHING in one go) … she told me that she actually had 3 yellow fever shots in this particular office, and shot me up (twice … typhoid and yellow fever), and sent me on my way, with some anti-diarrhea pills, malaria pills (for Africa), and a strict warning to not drink any of the water … (but hah… I have a UV water filter + a straw).

Now, I can’t move my arm. But I should be good for an additional 10 years of places to go.

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