Dealing with Boredom

I’m having this crisis moment where I have so much stuff planned over the upcoming weeks and weekends that I don’t even have time to do a 3-day weekend trip until July … I’m excited to be going away in just a month to Peru, but I want to go away for a few days … now. In short, I’m bored. Not because I need a job or something to do, but because I’m stuck here for a few weeks with no where to go.

So, how to manage my boredom?

So, when I was in elementary school, I took (was forced to take) Latin. In high school, I took Spanish. In college, I took Italian. Now, I’m learning Polish and Portuguese. I half-jokingly asked one of best friends if he wanted to study a language with me … and he wants to learn German, eventually. And I REALLLLLLLLY want to learn a language with a person, because I learn best with competition, and he’s very competitive, so it would be good. I’m keeping up with the Portuguese rather well, but it’s easy having the romance language base, but the Polish, that’s taking a lot out of me. I don’t think I can study German in addition to Polish, but then again, if he does it with me, maybe I can do both (or rather, all three).

I’ve also taken to making dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

As a side note, I’m down for any and all recommendations in Peru and for my day in Bogota. How to get to to places in particular, that’s where I’m struggling. It seems like nothing is close and everything will take hours to get to … so please, recommend away.

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