Peru planning

So, I’m in full swing planning this trip to Peru. I have the tickets … which means I have the dates… but how I’m actually getting from Lima to Machu Picchu to Puno (back to Lima) to Mancora (or near there) …. I have no idea. Buses to Cusco seem to be on average $55-65 one way and are about 20+ hours, trains are about $70 one way and several hours … and planes about $220/round-trip. I’m drawn the the idea of a bus trip and traveling throughout the country and seeing it, however, I’m also aware of the altitude changes and getting up in the Andes and acclimatizing (naturally) is more appealing to me than losing 2 days due to travel. I intend to do hike to the top of Huayna Picchu along with Machu Picchu, pre-purchasing tickets and stuff, because they limit how many people can hike it, so acclimation would be ideal. And then getting to Puno/Lake Titicaca….sheesh. So much to take into consideration.

I hate planning too much for a trip, but for this one, I feel like I have to because I need to get tickets, etc. I work with a Peruvian guy who’s uncle lives in Lima, and he has a house in Cusco, and I’m actually meeting his uncle tomorrow afternoon at work, sooooooooo …. turn on the charm and see if I can get a place to stay when I’m there. Good thing I’ve been brushing up my Spanish.

And then there’s Mancora. I’ve heard it’s beautiful, and pretty much the only good place to surf in Peru … but I’ve also heard that it’s a big drug and party scene. I found a cute little AirBnB right on the water that I want to book, but again, how will I get there. The bus takes a day to get there … the plane to an airport 3 hours away via (you guessed it) bus. So yea. Lots of planning going on now.

I’ll take suggestions though.

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