Upcoming … and Past

So, starting with the most recent trip, at the beginning I went back to Costa Rica. Why go back to a destination that I had already been to and explored extensively for multiple weeks? Well, the answer therein lies in that I HATE winter and the cold … or rather, I hate the dreariness of winter, and Costa Rica is pretty cheap to fly to and not crazy expensive to stay. I had a pretty rough couple of weeks in February and parts (most of) March. Job changes, relationship disintegration, 2 sudden deaths, friendship trials, oh yea, and my car is 12 years old … and needs repairs. February was a pretty terrible month … for being the shortest one.

I had a friend suggest that I go to Costa Rica to go surfing with them and I laughed it off. I had just been laid off, I had turned down my severance packet due to my moral disagreement with stuff in it,  I was planning on getting a new car because my car isn’t worth the money to fix it, there was no way I should go to Costa Rica on just a couple of part time jobs and babysitting. Another thing, the “friend” who suggested it … I had met 15 years ago, never again, and didn’t really ever talk to them, because I really didn’t know them … so I called a woman up who knows how much I need to travel and laughingly told her that I was just invited to Costa Rica with a stranger and I kinda wanted to go … tickets were “only” 300-400 dollars. She said, “Go.” So I pulled over off the highway, and booked the flight through my United app. Committed.

It was what I needed. Stayed in a hostel, Coral Reef Surf Club in Tamarindo. Rented a surf board. Got adequately burnt and tanned. And I didn’t want to go home. I had forgotten about the “Pura Vida” and just forgetting everything. Costa Rica isn’t super cheap if you eat out at restaurants. From what I found 10 years ago and this trip, it’s pretty much the same as eating out in America …. unless if you find a woman selling food out of the trunk of her car, then it’s pretty cheap, and pretty delicious, too.

I surfed, on my own and took a lesson with some people that I had met and who had never surfed before. So much fun and it made the experience so much better. Surfing with strangers who had never done it before and watching their faces as they got it… so worth it. Also, why practically a stranger, the guy who invited me along, so nice and now I do have friend, not just a acquaintance that I met once 15 years earlier.

Anyway, for a trip on a budget, I had a blast. Didn’t want to come home. DID come home, and questioned that decision pretty much immediately, hazy, cold, and wet upon landing in Newark, and I could not figure out why I thought I should come back home, to job hunting, a broken heart, and a car that is going to die soon … the reason? Well, so I could work my two part time jobs, dog-sit, so I can save and book my trip to Peru, which I just did yesterday. Which brings me to upcoming. I’m going to Peru for 2 weeks in June, and I can’t wait.

So if anyone is having a particularly rough day, week, month, year … spend a little bit of money, and go surfing. If you don’t surf, it’s not expensive to take a lesson, group or private, it’s worth it.


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